World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition
About the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) administered the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition. Through this competition, the jury selected a design for a single memorial that remembers and honors all loss of life on September 11, 2001, and February 26, 1993. The LMDC received an enormous outpouring of ideas from across the globe with 13,683 registrants and 5,201 Memorial submissions from 63 nations. (see Exhibition for further details)

Competitors were advised to design concepts that are consistent with the Memorial Mission Statement and Program developed by committees convened by the LMDC that included family members, residents, survivors, first responders, arts and architecture professionals and community leaders. These committees premised their work on an initial memorial mission statement and program developed by the LMDC Families Advisory Council. Both documents were subject to extensive public comment and were subsequently revised based on such comment.


This was an open international competition that was conducted in two stages. The first stage (Stage I) required the submission of design concepts on a single presentation board. Members of the Memorial Competition jury evaluated the submissions. Stage I evaluations were anonymous. At the end of Stage I, the jury selected eight finalists to proceed to a second stage (Stage II) during which the finalists further developed their design concepts. The jury selected these finalists based on how their designs met the principles of the Memorial Mission Statement and Program as well as excellence in design.

The guidelines for the competition include details of the Memorial Mission Statement and Program, instructions for registration and submission, presentation requirements and recommendations, and other essential information for participation.